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Armaan's Projects

In the years that Armaan has been a professional photographer, he has managed to work on several projects. Both personal and professional endeavours often merge as he has worked in various fields that he is passionate about, from independent music, short films to corporate videos.

Here’s a glimpse of some of his recent work!

Professional Projects

Having worked with bands like Thermal and A Quarter, Perfect Strangers India, AKOG, and Double Meter, Armaan is a household name in Bangalore Indie Music circles.

He has covered gigs at some of the most sought-after live music venues in Bangalore which include FANDOM, B Flat, Hard Rock Cafe, and many more.

 Passion Projects

All videographers and photographers are storytellers at heart. Armaan has directed and shot award-winning films for various filmmaking competitions as well.

He believes strongly in the need to create awareness in a constantly changing world about various issues and does this through his various photo series and short films.

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